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What to take home Wednesday: Tote bag

You know you've progressed from London tourist to London resident when you're no longer wildly snapping pics of the resident performing grey squirrels in Hyde Park (check), or batting an eyelid when a giant mutant rodent emerges onto the Central line platform at Liverpool Street Station (check).

But I've lived here for over a year now and am yet to spot a fox in the neighbourhood. Where do foxes hang in Hackney? And does it make me a tourist if I really want to see one? (I kinda took a liking to Glasgow's Chip Shop Family from BBC's Springwatch. My god, I love that show. Bill Oddie is an ornithological legend. I'm seriously counting the days to the next series…).

Chip Shop cutie.

I heart Bill.

Garudio Studiage's handy new tote bag, £15, showcases the wondrous beauty of London's wildlife, with a three-legged red fox, grey squirrel, common brown rat and feral pigeon.
Available to buy online and instore at Beyond the Valley.

Beyond the Valley
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London W1
Tel: 020 7437 7338

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Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday 11.30am- 6.30pm
Sunday 12.30pm – 5pm

Nearest tube: Oxford Circus

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    Oh, you should come to my place and meet the resident fox, I want to leave food out for him but my hubby says it’ll encourage the rats. Maybe I want to encourage the rats!

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    Ohhh, your very own Mr Foxy! Do you ever see the Chip Shop Family? xx

  •  p_to_

    Hmm, can’t help with Hackney but I have seen urban foxes in Tooley Street, near Tower Bridge. Can’t for the life of me imagine where they go during the day!

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    I haven’t seen the Chip Shop Family myself but I do know where they live! I only ever see my fox on his own, so I think he’s a loner, but it would lovely to see some wee fox cubs…

  •  <a href="http://www.blogger.com/profile/15466325787172105270" rel="nofollow

    I think they just stay in their dens during the day, usually it would be in any sort of grassland/park area. I’ve seen one in the council dump once, I think he lived there.

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    Methinks you are very foxy Top Bird!
    Try near Victoria Park, South Hackney for foxes! I have a resident fox in my street…not that great during mating season tho – very strange noises!

  •  <a href="http://www.blogger.com/profile/01356289871296166832" rel="nofollow

    Thanks for all your fox-spotting tips. I’ll have to loiter around Tower Bridge and Victoria Park at dusk… xx

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    i love those etsy acrylic rings – so sweeeeet!