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What to take home Wednesday: Altered journals

The perfect journal is tangible (ie. not online), tactile and has lots of hidey-holes to stash the assorted paper detritus one accumulates over a 12-month period (think letters, bills, bad jokes from Christmas crackers, photos, business cards and difficult-to-decipher scrawled notes).

London-based designer Jessie Chorley makes altered journals from the body of an old book, and creates “new” blank pages from an assortment of vintage and recycled papers, as well as envelopes, stitched pockets and old-school typewritten messages and reminders. Beautiful and handy.

Jessie’s books can be purchased online, or you can buy them from her wonderfully whimsical stall, Un-Petit-Cadeau, at Broadway Market in Hackney on Saturdays.

Jessie Chorley
Saturdays, Broadway Market

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Nearest tube: Bethnal Green Station
Nearest train: London Fields BR

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(p.s. while you're there, check out the exquisite bird-themed jewellery by Buddug Humphreys.)

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    my those are pretty journals!

    makes me want to get all creative..

  •  Rachel

    Oh wow those are great journals, i would write and draw in those and then keep them forever :)

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    You could fill the book with poems and sayings etc and give as gift such as a bride to be!

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    I am embarrassed to admit I have not been to Broadway market, but that will change tomorrow, I am going to go and check out all your recommendations, thanks for the inspiration.
    M :)

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    Belle and Boo – did you make it to Broadway market on Saturday? It was just bliss in the almost-Spring sunshine, and the French galette stall went down a treat. But I noticed that Jessie Chorley’s stall wasn’t there this week. Hope you didn’t miss out? xx