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The sweetest wee birdies

I've been meaning to post about Ann Wood's glorious handmade birds for a while now. Ann's birds are so highly sought after that her stock sells out within minutes.

Not surprising, really, given the exquisite detail of these handcrafted birds, which are usually one-of-a-kind. Ann, a Brooklyn-based artist, uses vintage fabrics for her birds and pieces from Victorian and Edwardian wedding gowns for her wedding caketoppers.

Her online shop of birds was just re-stocked today and has already sold out, but I DO know that she will be re-stocking her Etsy shop on Friday, 29th February at 2pm EST. Hop to it if you're interested, they'll be literally flying off the shelves within seconds.

Check out her Flickr for more wee birdies.

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    They’re so sweet! I love their little faces :)

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    I love the wedding birdies, they’re perfect cake toppers!

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    Oh they are really adorable, i love them all, they are the type of little birdies you would want all over the house to make you happy :)

  •  Sandy

    I love them! They are so gorgeous and what beautiful sewing. Fabulous idea.