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New Year, New Calendar

Time to get organised for the New Year, and I'm loving the pin-board style approach to this letterpressed calendar, US$20, from Linda and Harriett's Etsy shop:

But I've also got my eye on this birdy desk calendar, US$12, from Valentina Design's Etsy shop:

As always with Etsy, if the individual item I've linked to has sold out, go to the seller's shop where you'll usually find more listings of the product.

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    What a lovely blog! And why haven’t I come across you before?! Thank you for the link. Compliment returned LLG xx

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    Oh, so glad you’ve found me! Thanks so much for your little note, looking forward to reading more of YOUR entertaining and thoughtful posts. Love the anon pic of you having a cup of tea. You can take the girl out of England…