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Wee Birdy Q&A: Dressmakers in London

I’m looking for a good dressmaker in London. Could you recommend one? I’m after someone that can make me a ‘50s-style Wiggle dress. – Azka

Oh, lucky birdy, a ‘50s-style Wiggle dress is the sassiest choice for a chic-n-sexy look, and the originator of the new so-called “body conscious” trend. And you’re heading in the right direction wanting it made-to-measure, as you really need the garment to fit like a glove. (I learnt the hard way when I went shopping for a Wiggle dress last year on Ebay. Three ill-fitting vintage frocks later – two I could not get beyond my hips – and I discovered that unless we share the same DNA, other people’s Wiggles were not the way to go).

I haven’t used a dressmaker in London, and all my usual sources for recommendations were thick on tailors and thin on dressmakers of the non-wedding variety. But I’ve found three dressmakers who sound like they can whip up a Wiggle for you. At least get a quote from each one and suss out if they’ve got a handle on what you’re after:

Paul Hawley
Dressmaking & Tailoring
4 Tiber Gardens
London N1 0XE
Tel: 020 7278 1065
Mob: 07958 481064
Email: paul@paulhawleylondon.co.uk

39 Mayfield Avenue
North Finchley
London N12 9JG
Tel: 020-8446-5555
Email: roz.designs@btinternet.com

Brown Atelier
Tel: 078 1622 2841
20 Woodhouse Road
North Finchley N12 0RG

In the meantime, I do recommend that you check out Whirling Turban for their truly fabulous online made-to-measure service. They design their own vintage-inspired frocks and source the most gorgeous vintage fabrics and Chinese brocades for you to choose from. They take all your measurements and are particularly finicky about fit, so allow enough time for them to create the perfect Wiggle for you. One of my BFFs in Australia had a sensational Whirling Turban creation for a Shag launch (the same event that led to my sad Ebay search for a Wiggle). She chose a wild Tiki print and was the sauciest wahini in the place. And they even made her the sweetest matching fan. Here's another cute look from Whirling Turban:

While most of their frocks feature a sarong-style wrap element, you could ask them for a variation on the pattern, such as a fitted pencil skirt instead.

For an off-the-rack Wiggle dress, I also recommend you check out Stop Staring online for 107 vintage and rockabilly-style frocks. You’ll find some fabulous Wiggles in their collection (have a peep at the Starlette dress, Summer Fling, Drama Girl dress, Sydney dress, Manhattan dress, Black Vixen, Leopard Martini dress and the ultra-sexy Black Satin Hollywood dress). Make sure you click on the link to “Our Items Available at Daddy-o’s” and refer to their helpful Sizing Chart for the perfect fit.

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    wiggling is an art! its true!

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    Would you be willing to share your tailor recommendations too? I’m looking for someone to make me a jacket…